Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Old Mission and Leelanau Peninsula Wine Tours – public and private

Join our Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau Peninsula wine tours! We cap our public tours at 8 people to keep things nice and cozy. We believe good things come in small batches, like a nice vintage of Michigan wine.

Looking for an Old Mission or Leelanau wine tour for a private group? Depending on group size, our private wine tours usually cost $65 per person. We cater each private tour to the tastes and expectations of the group and can include extras like vineyard tours, private tastings and food stops along the way. And each private tour is very flexible regarding itinerary and times. Our answer is YES!

Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau Peninsula public wine tours cost $55 per person and include all transportation, bottled water and a wine guide who knows and loves the Grand Traverse Region.

On our Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau Peninsula wine tours, our guides know the wineries on both peninsulas like the backs of our suntanned hands. We like to find out what kind of wine drinkers are on the tour and take them to the places we think they will like best. And we do take requests. But no Freebird!

Old Mission wine tours include stops at five wineries at a leisurely pace. Old Mission wine tours are, you got it, all about the wine. While some wineries do make some great hard ciders, wine takes center stage on our Old Mission wine tours. With stunning vineyard views backdropped by the shimmering waters of Grand Traverse Bay, our Old Mission wine tours take in the best of what this beautiful peninsula has to offer.

Leelanau Peninsula wine tours also include five stops at a leisurely pace. Some of the best wines in the region are available on our Leelanau Peninsula wine tours but we can mix things up by visiting a brewery, hard cider house or a distillery that makes great cocktails.

A sample itinerary of our Leelanau Peninsula wine tours could include visiting three wineries, a brewery and a hard cider house.

Public Tour FAQ’s:

What time does the tour start?
We will pick you up wherever you are staying in the Traverse City area at 12:30pm. If we are going to be a little early or a little late depending on other pickups, we will call or text to let you know.

What time does the tour end?
We aren’t big on clock watching at GTAC and we certainly don’t want to rush our guests. That being said, we’ve found that 5:30pm is the time people start getting hungry for dinner.

What peninsula do I want to visit if I’ve never been to the area?
First off, you can’t go wrong with either one. They are both beautiful days out filled with great wine made by passionate people. But if you need some more info, just ask and we will explain the differences between the two peninsulas.

Can I request for certain wineries to be on the tour?
Of course! We always do our best to honor requests (except Freebird). If we can’t fit it in, it usually has to do with the winery’s schedule for the day.

Can I bring food or snacks?
You certainly can.

Can I bring alcohol, vodka in a plastic bottle or jello shots?
Out of respect for the wineries, we ask that you don’t bring additional alcohol. They don’t appreciate it and we have to play nice because we keep coming back. And besides, jello shots lead to tears.

What happens if it rains?
For the most part, there is no such thing as bad weather when wine tasting, just inappropriate clothing. It has to be pretty torrential for us to cancel a tour. If you are up for it, so are we.

Does the $55 tour price include tasting fees?
No, it does not. Tasting fees vary from stop to stop but the average price for a tasting flight is roughly $5 to $10 per stop. Some wineries offer complimentary tastings and they all have menu items like reserve flights, glasses of wine and even pints of cider. You can also buy bottles of wine to share at the wineries.

Is there food at the wineries?
Yes! The Old Mission wineries definitely have a wider selection of food but don’t expect an entrée. The wineries sell tasty things like small plates and meat and cheese boards.

Do the wineries take credit cards, or do I need cash?
The wineries all take cards but for some tasting fees that are $5 or under, cash is appreciated.

Same questions but for GTAC?
We take whatever is most convenient for our guests. All tours can be paid for at their conclusion with cash or credit.

Does the $55 tour price include a tip for the guide?
It does not. We feel that we have to earn our tips here at Grand Traverse Adventure Company.

And finally, how do I make a reservation?
Give us a call or fill out a contact form on the website. We don’t require a deposit, it makes things easier on the both of us. But just make sure you get confirmation that you’ve been put into our calendar.

What if I need to cancel?
These things happen and we totally get it. Just give us as much notice time as possible, your best excuse or a doctor’s note.



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