Bob Lovik

Bob Lovik – GTAC Guide and Cubs Fan

Up North Favorites: Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, Platte Plains and Alligator Hill trails, Power Island and Bowers Harbor kayak, Boone’s Long Lake Inn, Stone Oven Pizza in Lake Ann and all the world class beer, wine and food right in my backyard!

My love of wine was sparked while studying abroad in France during my senior year at the University of Iowa. A remarkable experience at a family-run vineyard in the French countryside north of Lyon led me to discover the single, defining characteristic of great wine: that it is made by passionate people doing what they love. The best winemakers view their profession as a calling, not a job. And Northern Michigan is a great place to experience that passion!

But my passions don’t end with wine. During years living in the Pacific Northwest, I developed a deep love for the outdoors. Introduced to rock-climbing and mountaineering by good friends, I have reached the summits of several Cascade peaks including Mt Hood, Mt Shasta and Mt Rainier. I also enjoy hiking, skiing, white-water rafting, kayaking, bird-watching and just about anything else that gets me into the outdoors.

Ryan O'Hara

Ryan washed up in Traverse City in the fall of 2010 after spending the previous 16 years in Telluride, CO. As a Type 3 skier, Ryan’s friends felt sorry for him when they found out that his beautiful bride Maryhelyn was importing him to Northern Michigan. But Ryan knew better...ever since that one Onekama morning when he woke up on the shores of Lake Michigan and saw how beautiful a place this state is. And like the rest of us imports, Ryan has drank the Michigan Kool-Aid (he’s even a full-fledged Tigers fan) and now has to fly his friends out from Colorado using his SkyMiles because they can’t get enough of our little paradise.

Ryan has led all sorts of outdoor adventure seekers on “once in a lifetime tours” in places like Colorado, Hawaii, Ireland and Mexico and he will bring his experience and professionalism to your tour. Ryan also thinks he’s the funniest guy he knows. We’ll let you be the judge of that but he cracks us up.

Spencer McKee

Let’s be honest, Spencer gives us our Traverse City street cred. While some of us are imports to this beautiful town, Spencer is Traverse City born and bred. A graduate of St Francis High School, Spencer once stalked the local football fields inspiring fear and dread as both an offensive and defensive lineman. Spencer was, as he tells us, in “wicked shape back in the day”. And he seems to have aged pretty well. His lovely wife Erin and daughters Emma, Hannah and Meara keep him fit and we know for a fact that he works incredibly hard to show our guests a great time. Spencer currently leads the GTAC team with positive comments from happy tour-goers and he will go well out of his way to give an experience you won’t get anywhere else. We are stoked to have him on board. He’s also our longest tenured guide so he’s got all sorts of tricks up his sleeve.

And…we recently found out that Spencer and Erin are a “Lord and Lady” of Scotland. We’ll let you ask him how and then please get back to us on whether it’s legit or not.